A Culture of Untruth: Media and the Waldorf Student.

On Monday 17th October at 8 pm Eugene Schwartz will talk on Media and the Waldorf Student.  He will ask some challenging questions.

Many of us are complaining about the rampant presence of video games and iPods, digital movies and social networks among our children, issues well known to many Waldorf schools. Are Waldorf schools fighting a losing battle, or are they fighting the wrong battle? Eugene will ask some challenging questions – and offer some stimulating answers.

Eugene Schwartz visited us 2 years ago to talk about the 21st century child.  We are very fortunate that he will be back to speak to us on the issue of the media.  Eugene is a graduate of Columbia University in America. He has worked with all stages of life, from the young child to the elderly and the dying. His teaching career began by adapting the general Waldorf schools’ curriculum to educate a group of handicapped and emotionally disturbed adolescents, after which he became a class teacher at an American Waldorf School. After many years of teaching, Eugene now works worldwide as an educational consultant and lecturer.