In Tandem Launched!

Business Begins:

The exciting new upper school project has finally arrived at its name, In Tandem.

Pupils in upper school are setting up a non-profit making business repairing and swapping bicycles and also donating some renovated bikes to a charity in Africa, which sends bikes for medics to cover greater distances.  Although we are only a few weeks into our project we have already made a lot of progress, for example we have

  1. decided on our name
  2. got an interim logo
  3. started identifying work areas
  4. got an email address (
  5. opened a Facebook page
  6. worked on fundraising ideas
  7. cleared our restoration area
  8. repaired our first bikes
  9. set up our accounts
  10. developed our sale and service sheet
  11. had a visit from an accountant on setting up our own accounts
  12. held a stand at the school bazaar

 Your Support:

We would welcome your support by

  1. donating unwanted bikes or parts so we can do them up
  2. if you have a skill you think could be useful to us, we’d love to hear from you
  3. supporting our fundraising efforts.

 The Intandem Team