‘I do, I feel, I think’


Activity – empathy – intellect

“The question to be asked is not: ‘What does an individual need to know and be capable of doing so as to fit into the existing social order?’ but rather: ‘What potential does an individual have and what can be developed in him or her?’” Rudolf Steiner

Formal learning begins at six, with a class teacher who will teach and care for them for up to eight years.

  • Learning is brought with imaginative and powerful stories, appropriate for the age and learning tasks
  • Learning is supported by art, rhythmic activities, singing  and movement
  • Spanish and German are taught from age 6, through conversation, games, songs and rhymes.
  • Academic subjects are developed to meet the child’s inner developmental needs and to support their growing awareness of the world around them
  • Teaching is an art, not a technique
  • Learning is an active process, involving observation and experience
  • We follow the international Waldorf Curriculum

Main Lessons:

  • Two hour morning blocks are taught in 3 or 4 week blocks of age appropriate subjects
  • Literacy and numeracy teaching are incorporated into these blocks
  • Learning is consolidated with recall and artistic work
  • Singing, music, painting, movement are used as learning tools not just skills
  • Children produce their own main lesson workbooks as they draw, write about and record their learning process
  • Science is introduced from observation and experience

More information about the Lower School is also available in our Lower School Curriculum Statement which can be found here.