"Our endeavour must be to develop free human beings able to impart purpose and direction to their lives" - Rudolf Steiner

We aim for our students to

  • Seek the right balance between freedom and responsibility
  • Find growing self awareness and confidence
  • Develop independent power of judgement
  • Have the strength of character to act responsibly from their own insight

In the Upper School we continue to work with the international Waldorf Curriculum with our own uniquely developed body based learning programme.


This exciting curriculum offers what we believe is the most interesting curriculum in the country. The broad range of subjects and the way they are taught give our students opportunities that are just not available in the mainstream.

The GCSE programme is also introduced in the Upper School and runs over three years. Students normally take 4 GCSEs in class 10 and the remainder in class 11. The majority of the students go on to college to do A-levels. Elmfield has also moved to the IGCSE for several subjects, to provide a higher challenge for our pupils (IGCSE results are included with the GCSE results).

You can find more information about our curriculum in our Upper School Brochure and also in our Upper School Curriculum Statement.

Our exam results are consistently above the national average and are usually amongst the best in the area.

Over the last ten years (since 2007) an average of 82% of our Class 11 final year students left Elmfield with 5 or more A*-C grade GCSEs, including English and Maths. Pupils have typically gone onto King Edwards College in Stourbridge, Haybridge Sixth Form, Halesowen College, and Stourbridge College.


What’s most impressive is that these results have been achieved without hothousing or SATS. It’s ironic that at a time when children are being asked to begin formal education earlier and earlier, Elmfield’s approach of delaying formal education until a more age-appropriate time is delivering outstanding results.

Our most recent Class 10 celebrated an excellent set of results under the new grading system. 87% achieved a 4 (equivalent to a C) or above in English. This included one 9 and two 8s plus eight Distinctions in Spoken English. In Maths 80% achieved a 4 or above. In their other subjects 90% achieved a B or above in German (with four A*s) and 89% achieved a B or above in French (with four A*s). 

“Steiner school students are more articulate, motivated and mature, more willing to take responsibility for their own learning”, Jonathan Godfrey, Principal, Hereford Sixth Form College.

Each year a class trip is undertaken

  • Class 9 students visit our sister school in Schloss Hamborn, Germany and work on their school farm.
  • In Class 10 our students may work on a community based project
  • Class 11, after a major fundraising effort, normally travel abroad as a culmination of their time together at Elmfield.

During the Upper School years, regular individual foreign exchanges enrich the school community.

Beyond the specific skills across the curriculum, each subject should be an opportunity to raise wider issues. We believe that such study should not be focused solely on learning or passing exams but should be seen as a means to reflect on the deeper questions that young people have within themselves, and to guide them towards becoming responsible, creative, purposeful citizens.