About Elmfield School in Stourbridge

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Time to reflect
Time to reflect

In today’s rapidly changing and often confusing world, many people have questions about how to help their children to find their place, to be able to adapt to changing situations, while keeping a sense of themselves and their values.

Can there be a place which is both a haven from the chaos of the modern world which at the same time equips the adults of the future?

Elmfield School, in Stourbridge, West Midlands, England, UK is an experiential independent school for pupils from age 3 to 17. We follow the internationally established Steiner Waldorf curriculum, which responds to the changing needs of the developing child, continually nourishing their social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.

Pupils sit national curriculum GCSEs in their last two years at Elmfield. We are proud of our excellent GCSE results, which are achieved whilst preserving childhood and avoiding any ‘hot-housing’ of the young child.

We aim to support our children to grow into confident, creative and adaptable individuals: responsible citizens, who are able to make decisions and take responsibility for their lives. We hope our young people emerge as resourceful, questioning, compassionate and flexible.

Artistic work is integral throughout the teaching at Elmfield: arts, crafts, movement and music are learning tools as well as subjects in their own right. French and German are taught from age six. Early learning is based on practical activities, movement, circle games, crafts, music and stories.

At Elmfield pupils work in an atmosphere of co-operation and trust: respect for the value of each individual is nurtured, so that children learn compassion and inner values.

Elmfield offers a truly alternative education to equip young people for the 21st Century.