Steiner Education

Elmfield sees education as reaching beyond academic qualifications and skills.

We aim for our pupils to leave

  • equipped for the world with a strong sense of values, responsibility and confidence,
  • attain good qualifications
  • able to think freely and independently, with lifelong curiosity for learning
  • Able to  find the place in the world where they can fulfil their potential

Developmental Needs

Designed to respond to the developmental needs of the child, and education which

  • Respects childhood, nurtures the imagination, instills strong values
  • Nourishes each child’s imagination, enthusiasm and wonder
  • Fosters a lifelong sense of curiosity and love of learning.

Nature and Seasons

An education in tune with the seasons, nature and the rhythms of life

  • An awareness of nature and the world
  • Fostering a sense of wonder about the world,
  • Developing practical skills such as gardening and cooking
  • Scientific understanding in the older pupil.

Creative Education

At Elmfield education is

  • a living, creative process,
  • enriched by sensory, imaginative and intellectual nourishment:
  • art, crafts, music and movement are integral learning tools

Our Curriculum

Has been developed from the internationally recognised Waldorf curriculum introduced by Rudolf Steiner ninety years ago.