It is our aim to make Steiner Waldorf education available to pupils from as wide a range of economic and social backgrounds as possible. Tuition fees vary as children progress through the school. Fees from September 2017 are listed in Fee charges 2017 – 2018 and are governed by our Fees Policy.

We remain very grateful for the strong overall commitment, energy and goodwill offered by the parents at Elmfield.

Fee Assistance Programme

Elmfield has a limited Fee Discount programme, open to all new parents and any existing families who find themselves in sudden financial hardship.

However, the availability of this scheme depends, at any time, on the number of parents currently receiving a discount. This means that we cannot always offer a discount, even if you are eligible for one. Further details will follow.

We also run a bursary scheme that supports one new child a year called the Eileen Hutchins Bursary Fund. More information is available on the bursary page.