The school was inspected from the 28th February to the 2nd March 2018 by the School Inspection Service (SIS). SIS is tasked by Ofsted with inspecting groups of schools including Steiner and Montessori Schools, and their findings are reported to the Department for Education. Please note that schools no longer receive an overall outcome. Outcomes are received for five key judgements and these can be seen in the table below.

The inspectors concluded that Elmfield “provides a good education for its pupils” and that “Pupils of all abilities make good progress in their learning across the school.”

They also declared that "The personal development of pupils is outstanding. By the time they leave the school, pupils have become confident, thoughtful, polite and engaging. They are mature and articulate in conversation and not afraid to express their views, academically and socially. They are reliable, accept responsibility for their behaviour, show initiative and contribute positively to the school community, to the local area and wider society in general."

Please feel free to read the full SIS Inspection Report 2018.