Welcome back!

Welcome back to the new term and year. We hope you have all had a wonderful summer.

It’s great having the school buzzing with energy again, full of smiling children.

The children arrived back to some beautifully painted classrooms. A lot of hard work has been done by staff and parents preparing them for this week. We really appreciate all their efforts and want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped in any way over the holidays.

We got off to a lovely start yesterday with the new Class 1 being welcomed by the rest of the school in Assembly. It’s always quite emotional seeing them start their new Elmfield journey, especially when you look at the Class 11s and realise they are approaching the end of theirs.

We wish all the pupils and staff a happy and productive year.

Class 1


Class 2

Class 3


Class 4


Class 5


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Class 7


Class 8