Boarding Inspection rates Elmfield as Good

In February, Ofsted inspectors visited Elmfield for three days to inspect our Boarding provision. They have now published their report and we are pleased to announce that the school has been rated as Good. The report is now available on our website on our Boarding page.

The definition of Good is given as “A school providing effective services which exceed minimum requirements. Children and young people are protected and cared for and have their welfare safeguarded and promoted.”

The report states that “Boarding pupils enjoy their experience of staying with host families during their time at the school. The boarders were unanimous in their praise for their host families, and the support they received from the host families, fellow pupils and school staff.”

Other statements include “The management of boarding arrangements is good. Staff work well together to ensure that boarders are well cared for. Staff are committed to maintaining high standards for boarders in their care. Communication across the school is very good, and any relevant information about any boarder is passed to appropriate staff. Boarders’ safety is a high priority, and staff, boarders and host families are well informed about procedures to follow if they have any concerns.”

Foreign students boarding in the Upper School is as an important aspect of school life at Elmfield and we are very pleased that Ofsted has recognised the great work that our experienced and motivated team do. They, and all the excellent host families, deserve our thanks and appreciation. Well done to everyone.