C7 Blackboard Art

It’s easy to take for granted the beauty and inspiration that our pupils are exposed to daily at Elmfield. Every Main Lesson their teachers produce beautiful blackboard drawings for them to copy and learn from. We get used to seeing them in the classroom and so it’s easy to overlook just how impressive they are. But they really are special and our children are privileged to have teachers who are prepared to put such effort into their teaching. The drawings often remind me of Buddhist sand mandalas as they get to shine only briefly, before being removed by a sweep of the duster. Fortunately, they live on in the pupils’ main lesson books and, sometimes, on camera. This one is from Class 7’s recent main lesson on the Age of Exploration and Discovery, a wonderful three-week block that comes at the perfect age for children becoming teenagers this year.

Congratulations to all the staff and pupils involved in producing such a lovely Michaelmas Festival yesterday.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Science Fun Day tomorrow from 11.30am.