Class 11 Play – Thurs 16th & Fri 17th Feb – 7.30pm

Class 11 Play this Thursday 16th and Friday 17th Feb at 7.30pm. All welcome (although this play is not suitable for children below Class 6).

Class 11 have been rehearsing their play ‘The Accordian Shop’, by Cush Jumbo, over the last three weeks. It includes music, dance, creative lighting, and film in order to enhance the overall quality of the performance. This play shows the difference in generations, how they communicate and the values they each have, going on to show the problems which can arise when these two attitudes mix.

Born in the mid-eighties, Cush Jumbo is an award-winning actress and writer with a wealth of experience unrivalled by many her senior in years. From her Olivier award-winning portrayal of Mark Antony in the ground-breaking all-female production of Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’, to popular American TV show ‘The Good Wife’, and from there to the stunning rendition of her one-woman show, ‘Josephine and I’, Cush Jumbo has done it all.

‘The Accordion Shop’ was inspired by the heart-rending story of an old man she met in Lewisham, South London; an old accordion-maker whose shop had been in the same street for seventy years: a constant in the otherwise ever-changing community around him. Her play illustrates this beautifully in the capture and compilation of many little snap-shots into the thoughts and minds of the people living on The Road, a close-knit neighbourhood where everyone is meant to look out for everyone. When Mr Ellody walks out of his shop one afternoon to find The Road crammed with rioting children, things seem to have gone terribly wrong…

Please join us to make this class’ last play a great success.