Examinations summer 2020

Information for Class 11

Last updated: Monday 6th July, 2020.

Results Days

These are the provisional plans for the two Results Days for Class 11; these plans may change if government guidance changes or we have to re-enter a lockdown, be that regional or national.
Cambridge GCSE Results Day - Tuesday 11th August 2020
Cambridge International have a different examination results day and system to all other examination boards and the following arrangements on Tuesday 11th August apply to:
  • iGCSE Drama
  • iGCSE English Literature
  • iGCSE Coordinated Science (double award)
We will shortly email your son/daughter directly an information sheet from Cambridge which gives them the full information that they need to access the CIE Results online portal which they can do from 8.00am on Tuesday 11th August 2020. They will then be able to download their results from the instructions on the website.
If your son/daughter wishes to collect the paper results slips from school on Tuesday 11th August they will need to email joanne.claridge@elmfield.com to arrange a suitable time. As a rule, send these results slips are not normally sent out out to students as they can access them and print them out themselves. We keep them on file and then hand them out with the rest of your son/daughter's results on Thursday 20th August 2020, details of which follow.
GCSE Results Day - Thursday 20th August 2020
The following arrangements apply to these examination results:
  • OCR - GCSE Art; GCSE History
  • EDEXCEL Pearson - GCSE Music
  • AQA - GCSE English; GCSE Maths

Students will be able to collect their results in person between 10am and 12noon.

  • Students will enter the school via the in gate next to the Estates Hut and queue, socially distanced, to receive their results.
  • The collection point will be the foyer of the Upper School building and they will enter through the Fire Door and exit through the Main Door and then immediately leave the grounds via the exit gate near to the Gate House, staff will be on hand to direct this flow of students.
  • Parents/siblings/friends will NOT be allowed to accompany the students onto the site to avoid large gatherings
  • Students who cannot collect in person can email joanne.claridge@elmfield.com and the results will be emailed to the student at 10am
  • The results are the student's and therefore CANNOT be given or emailed to any other person, parents included, unless the student has emailed joanne.claridge@elmfield.com giving their express instructions to hand their results to another person.
  • If the results are not collected on Thursday 20th August they will be posted, first class, to the address we have on the database for the student unless notified otherwise.
Advice/Guidance regarding Results
As there are no resits or re-marks that can be requested by the student we have set up a dedicated email address - exams@elmfield.com which your son/daughter can email if they need further advice or guidance regarding their options going forward if they are not happy with their results.
The Autumn Examination series will be offered to all students should they wish to sit these examinations, however we will not be administering any entries for these examinations until the beginning of the Autumn term. The students will have the opportunity to liaise with subject teachers regarding sitting examinations in October/November before making their decision as to whether they wish to resit in the Autumn Series or wait and resit in Summer 2021.
If you have any queries or questions please email joanne.claridge@elmfield.com.

Exam entry procedures for the following subjects:

  • GCSE English retake
  • GCSE Maths retake
  • GCSE History
  • GCSE Art
  • GCSE Music

Information about iGCSE English Literature, iGCSE Drama and iGCSE Coordinated Science can be found in the next section.

We have received notification from Ofqual detailing how Summer 2020 GCSE grades will be awarded to the students.

Click here for a letter to pupils which we request that you share with your son/daughter as soon as possible. The relevant section of this letter is as follows:

"Your school or college will be asked to send exam boards two pieces of information for each of your subjects, based on what they know about your work and achievements:

  • the grade they believe you were most likely to get if teaching, learning and exams had happened as planned
  • within each subject, the order of students at your school or college, by performance, for each grade

This information will be used to standardise judgements – allowing fine tuning of the standard applied across schools and colleges Your school or college will consider a range of things like your classwork and homework; your results in assignments and any mock exams; any non-exam assessment or coursework you might have done; and your general progress during your course. This information will allow us, with exam boards, to standardise grades across schools and colleges, to make sure that, as far as possible, results are fair and that students are not advantaged or disadvantaged because their schools or colleges are more generous or harsh than others when making those judgements. That means the final grade you get could be different from the one your school or college sends to the exam board."

The examination boards are also not asking for schools to set any new work, assessments or mock exams in order to obtain gradings. However we feel it is VITAL that students complete and return to their subject teachers any work that has already been set prior to the Easter holidays. Some subject teachers do not have enough evidence for them to make a fair judgement on student progression as they have not yet completed and submitted the work set which could show progression and therefore affect the subsequent grades given.

Another resource that you may find useful can be found by clicking here

We will be informed after Easter of a timetable showing dates of submissions, results and appeals and we will share this with you when it comes through.

If you have any questions regarding individual subjects and if your son/daughter needs to provide more work, please direct these to the subject teachers:

  • English - andy.plant@elmfield.com
  • Maths - richard.white@elmfield.com
  • Music - caroline.price@elmfield.com
  • Art - sue.dutton@elmfield.com
  • History - emma.hayward@elmfield.com

Naturally they will be unable to share with you what grade they will give your son/daughter and any details of ranking as this is confidential information and as Ofqual have stated the grades submitted by centres may not be the grades awarded by the examination board.


Exam entry procedures for the following subjects:

  • iGCSE English Literature
  • iGCSE Drama
  • iGCSE Coordinated Science

Information about GCSE English, GCSE Maths, GCSE History, GCSE Art an GCSE Music can be found in the previous section. 

Please follow click here for a letter from Cambridge International for parents and students which also includes a useful FAQ section. To summarise, the procedure Cambridge International are using is very similar to other examination boards that we use which are:
"We will be asking schools to collaborate with us as we make evidence-based decisions about grades for students in each subject. We are asking schools to follow a four-step process:
  • Step 1. School determines students’ predicted grades for each syllabus.
  • Step 2. School determines each student’s place within a rank order of all candidates within each grade for each syllabus.
  • Step 3. Head of school confirms the predicted grades and rank orders, and school sends them to Cambridge International.
  • Step 4. Cambridge International combines school data with a standardisation process and awards final grades for each student."

Due to the nature of the Drama written paper (it is based on their individual practicals), Mrs Underwood is offering to students the opportunity to submit work to her which she can then mark. If students wish to take up this offer they should email Mrs Underwood directly at  kelly.underwood@elmfield.com as soon as possible.

We will receive a further update from Cambridge International on Thursday 16th April 2020 and we will share any relevant information with you following this.