Internet Safety Day

Tuesday was Internet Safety Day and as part of our ongoing commitment to online safety the day was marked across the school.

The Upper School pupils had an Assembly on the topic, following on from a previous assembly the week before and to be continued in tutorials next term. The pupils worked together in groups looking at risk factors for various categories such as social media, online finances and YouTube and then presented their conclusions to the rest of the Upper School. It was interesting to see how much they knew and to have them share that information with their peers.

The three Transition groups had a teacher-led discussion about staying safe online, on phones and when watching TV and the children gave examples of their own experiences. The key message was to always get permission from a grown-up, only watch what you were supposed to watch, and if you feel at all uncomfortable stop and go and tell your grown-up. These talks now take place each term.

Some of the Lower School classes had discussions around staying safe online and as a result of this created posters to shortly be displayed around the school.

If you would like to know more about the NSPCC Safer Internet Day you can do so via this link: