Joseph a hit!

Joseph for web newsHuge congratulations to everyone involved in Joseph! The play was a triumphant success enjoyed by four successive audiences over three days. The two casts were made up of Classes 6, 7 & 8, supported each night by the Upper School Orchestra. The acting, singing and dancing were all of a very high standard as was the music. The energy and enthusiasm of all the pupils was plain to see and they were clearly enjoying themselves as much as the audience.

The amount of effort put in by all was plain to see. Caroline Price and her team did an incredible job and worked tirelessly – they include the lighting and sound team, choreography, costumes, and make-up – it would have been impossible without them. A big thank you also to Maria Walker, Gertraud Soukup and Avril Whitehead, for all their hard work.

We haven’t had a Middle School Play for several years so this was a real treat for all involved. The audience reaction was incredible with tears and cheers aplenty. The three classes have loved working together and have grown much closer as a group.

One of the great advantages of Elmfield was also evident though the production. Being a small school every pupil had to get involved and as a result they all got a chance to shine. Some, who had previously thought being on stage was not for them, discovered they loved it after all. In a bigger school they could have stood back and not been involved; instead they have had the chance to experience something completely new.

Life has now returned to normal for the pupils but as you walk around the school you can still hear Joesph tunes being hummed and sung – long may it continue!