Macbeth comes to Elmfield

On Friday 26th and Saturday 27th September at 7.30 p.m the visiting Class 10 pupils from Schloss Hamborn Steiner School in Germany will treat us to their interpretation of the “Scottish Play”. Entry is by donation.

Topical global themes of the 21st century such as power and its misuse, greed, jealousy and corruption can all be found in Shakespeare’s powerful 400-year-old play. The Play questions how far a human being is willing to go in order to fulfill his or her deepest desires.

Music, movement, costumes and drama have been combined into a unique production which this time highlights the brutal, bloody and brooding quality of the play in such a way that only pupils from Class 8 upwards should see it. Driven by a rock band (drums, guitar, bass) supported by violin, cello, horn and trumpet, a group of witches cause “toil and trouble” for Macbeth as he is moved to commit his hideous crimes until he meets his well-deserved fate.

Class 10 pupils from Schloss Hamborn and Elmfield have been visiting each others’ schools since 1991. The tradition of performing a Shakespeare Play began in 2007 and if past performances are anything to go on then this will be a memorable experience. Miss it at your peril!

SH Macbeth Poster