New school gates entry procedure

As part of our ongoing commitment to pupil and staff safety we have decided to introduce a change to our entry procedure at the school gates. Please be aware that this decision is not in response to any particular incident(s), but is simply the result of our wish to strengthen our safeguarding procedures.

When you arrive at school, if the gates are closed, you will need to state your name, the reason for requesting entry to the school, and if you are collecting a child, the name and class of the child.

Most parents do this already but we feel it is important to formalise this process and ask everyone to do it each time they come to school when the gates are closed. Please do not allow anyone to come in through the gates with you, without them first having spoken to the office in this way. This new process will apply both to pedestrians and to those arriving by car.

We are asking for parental support in this matter as we aware that it may be a slight inconvenience at busier collection times such as 12.30. However, we hope that you will appreciate that the goal is simply to ensure the ongoing safety of all the children and staff in the school.

If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact the school office.