Useful videos and resources

The videos, talks and websites on this page will both inspire and inform you. They are intended for prospective and current members of our community. Some are specifically related to Steiner Waldorf education while others are about education in general.

Simply click on the ones that interest you to see the video or resource.

'Preparing for Life' - why Silicon Valley parents are turning to Waldorf education.
'What is a Steiner School?' – A more detailed look at Steiner Schools.
'Waldorf 100, The Film' - celebrating the rich diversity of Steiner Schools around the globe
'Waldorf 100, The Film (Part 2)
'List of famous pupils and parents from Steiner schools around the world'
'Should formal schooling start later?'
'The Steiner Olympics'
'Sir Ken Robinson – Schools Kill Creativity – TED talk'
'Sir Ken Robinson – Changing Education Paradigms'