Phonics Testing Update


Following the Consultation on Phonics Testing, we would like to invite you warmly to write to your MP and join the Campaign against phonics testing

The proposal would mean the introduction of phonics screening tests starting at age 5 by administering a screening test in kindergarten.

This test would not only take place before formal literacy teaching begins in Steiner schools, but also imposes the reading of isolated sounds, an approach which is not compatible with our well-researched and successful teaching methods.  This will also lead us towards government imposed teaching methods and phonics teaching.

This initiative has serious implications for Steiner Early Childhood teaching methods, and for many other methods, and we have registered our objections as a school.

To read more about this consultation, please visit the Department for Education website, and take the opportunity to make your views known by following the link down the page to Year 1 Phonics Screening consultation.

You may find the comments of the UK Literacy Association of interest, or this article on phonics screening from Nursery World.

Read Elmfield’s statement on phonics screening