For ages 4-6

We offer your child a home-like environment where they are able to enjoy playing and learning at their own pace.

Elmfield Kindergarten welcomes children between the ages of 4 and 6. For younger children we also offer a Nursery (3 to 4) and a Parent and Child group (0-3).

In today’s hurried modern world we believe it’s important that children are allowed to develop at their own speed, free from unnecessary pressures and “hot-housing”. We work at a much gentler pace than many mainstream establishments, with an age appropriate curriculum which engages the young child’s natural love of learning through imitation, rhythms and exploration.

Our gentle, caring teachers inspire and support the children through this early developmental stage. They encourage the children to be children, rather than rushing them through their childhood. Your child will be able to grow and develop in the secure and loving environment that Elmfield provides, while learning to appreciate the simple routines and rhythms of life.

At Elmfield we provide:

  • An atmosphere of warmth, love and security
  • Time for lots of free play both indoors and outdoors
  • Wooden toys, handmade dolls and seasonal materials taken directly from nature
  • Baking, gardening, weaving, cooking, food preparation, painting, and modelling
  • Small class sizes which build self-confidence and trust
  • Traditional games, songs and story time
  • An age appropriate curriculum
  • Activities appropriate for the seasons of the year
  • Outdoor learning through various activities
  • Beautiful natural gardens, play areas and classrooms
  • A secure platform for formal learning when they reach school
  • An ideal environment for the development of emotional intelligence, self-esteem and positive behaviour
  • Solid foundations for social, literacy and numeracy skills, and technical and scientific knowledge

There is a strong sense of community within the Kindergarten

We provide plenty of opportunity for the older and younger children to work and play together under the patient and guiding presence of the teacher. The children develop strong social skills and good manners whilst at the same time each child’s individuality is encouraged.

The regular routine puts the children at ease

Our morning begins at 8.40am and runs until 12.30pm (with some afternoons for those in the pre-Class 1 year). Afternoon Care is available for those children not able to go home at lunchtime and runs until 3.15. There is also an after-school club for further care if required, where a member of the Early Years team is present, that runs until 5.15.

The day starts with an engaging group activity then a free play session. This is followed by a range of structured activities such as arts and crafts, preparing a healthy snack such as soup or bread, and ring-time (a time to gather in a circle and sing songs, move and play games). Outside time is for playing, climbing, running, and experiencing the changing seasons and elements. Story time is a quiet moment for listening to a rich variety of fairy tales, songs, poems, and folk tales.

A strong sense of rhythm runs through the week and the years incorporating all the regular activities and creative play. We follow the seasons of the year in our songs, outdoor play and celebrations of the festivals such as Harvest, Advent, Easter, and Midsummer. We also welcome the sharing of further festivals important to families from a variety of faiths and cultures who come to the School.

The children get plenty of fresh air and time to play

Outdoor play and activities are encouraged throughout the year and we aim to give the children as much fresh air as possible. Except in the most extreme conditions your child will get to play outside every day. The playground provides opportunities to climb, swing and play in the sand; the grassy areas are ideal for running free; and the wildlife area and curriculum garden are beautiful spaces to play and learn.

Through all these activities our aim is for the children to develop imaginative qualities and respect for others that will guide and nourish them throughout their lives and provide a strong foundation for their personal, social and intellectual development. Through creative play and the diverse activities in Kindergarten the children learn skills that will later enable them to be practical, to take initiative, and seek responsibility.

The right foundations are being laid

The Kindergarten and the Nursery are where the seeds are planted for a lifelong love of learning. Your child’s innate qualities are encouraged and allowed to blossom.

The children are part of a group where they are actively encouraged to do things together, to share, to help each other and so develop social skills. Combined with the loving care and experience of the kindergarten teachers, children grow through gentle nurturing, giving them the best possible start in life.

To find out more

You can contact the school to arrange an informal visit or you might prefer to attend one of our Open Events.

We are always pleased to hear from interested parents and we look forward to meeting you.

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