Our curriculum

As a Steiner Waldorf school we follow the international Waldorf Curriculum rather than the National Curriculum.

Our curriculum has been developed from the internationally recognised Waldorf Curriculum introduced by Rudolf Steiner.

This curriculum weaves through the entire school with subjects and topics carefully placed to meet the appropriate needs of the developing child. Everything is taught at a specific time for specific reasons, with subjects naturally evolving and building upon each other to form a cohesive whole as our students progress through Elmfield.

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Elmfield sees education as reaching beyond academic qualifications and skills.

We aim for our pupils to 

  • be equipped for the world with a strong sense of values, responsibility and confidence
  • attain good qualifications
  • be able to think freely and independently, with lifelong curiosity for learning
  • be able to find the place in the world where they can fulfil their potential

Developmental Needs

Designed to respond to the developmental needs of the child, and education which

  • respects childhood, nurtures the imagination, instils strong values
  • nourishes each child’s imagination, enthusiasm and wonder
  • fosters a lifelong sense of curiosity and love of learning

Nature and Seasons

An education in tune with the seasons, nature and the rhythms of life

  • an awareness of nature and the world
  • fostering a sense of wonder about the world
  • developing practical skills such as gardening and cooking
  • scientific understanding in the older pupil

Creative Education

At Elmfield education 

  • is a living, creative process
  • is enriched by sensory, imaginative and intellectual nourishment
  • uses art, crafts, music and movement as integral learning tools

Our curriculum statements can be found below

Please note that some of our statements are currently under review