Frequently asked questions

Below is a selection of answers to questions that have been asked by parents. If you have a question that is not answered here then please do contact us.

The following questions relate to Steiner Education, please click the questions to access the answers.

1. What is Steiner Education?
2. When do pupils begin formal learning?
3. Why teach the Steiner Curriculum rather than the National Curriculum?
4. How do Mainstream Year Groups correspond to Classes in a Steiner school?
5. What is a Main Lesson and why is it so important in Steiner Schools?
6. Does the Class teacher teach all the subjects to the class?
7. Do pupils succeed academically in an environment that places much less emphasis on testing and exams?
8. Do children go to University after a Steiner Waldorf Education at Elmfield?
9. Is Elmfield School subject to the same inspections as other schools?
10. Is science teaching at odds with current scientific beliefs?
11. Do Steiner schools teach religion?
13. Why do you spread the GCSE exams over a two-year period?
14. What impact does it have on pupils starting college a year later than their mainstream peers?
15. What is the school’s policy on bullying?
16. Does Elmfield provide for pupils with “Special Educational Needs”?
17. Does Elmfield provide for pupils with learning difficulties?
18. How do children adjust when they join Elmfield from a mainstream school?
19. What if my child does not get along with the Class teacher?
20. What is the school’s policy on television, computers, videos, electronic games, and social networking?
21. How much homework do students get?
22. What part do festivals play in Steiner schools?
23. Is Steiner education anti-immunisation/vaccination?
24. What is Anthroposophy?
25. Is it true that some of Rudolf Steiner’s writings and lectures contained statements that could be interpreted as racist?