Videos about life at Elmfield

The videos below are your chance to get a real sense of the amazing education/experience we offer pupils at Elmfield. You’ll hear from teachers and pupils and see just what it is that makes Elmfield unique.

You can find out about: The Lower School; The Upper School; Elmfield as a whole; Class 1; Class 3; Class 5; and how we teach languages. So sit back and enjoy! (For parent and pupil testimonials please visit our Testimonials Page).


Elmfield Introduction – a short visual overview (1.22)

This is the perfect place to start. This video shows life at Elmfield with an upbeat soundtrack performed by two of our talented musicians. Feel free to share it with your friends.

The Lower School (6.34)

This video gives an overview of life in our Lower School (ages 7 to 14). Topics covered include: our age-appropriate curriculum; Class Teachers; our approach to teaching reading and writing; an explanation of Main Lessons; what pupils need at different ages; discipline at Elmfield; our approach to teaching foreign languages; and a pupil’s experience of joining Elmfield aged 10.

The Upper School (4.20)

This video gives an overview of life in our Upper School (ages 15 to 17). Topics covered include: Morning Modules explained; the aims of the Upper School, pupils sharing their experiences; the GCSE subjects we offer (Please Note we also offer History, it just gets left off the list!); how our approach is about much more than exams; and an exchange student giving the views of a visiting boarder.

Elmfield General Overview, Part 1 (6.05)

This video gives a more general overview of Elmfield. Topics covered include: recent GCSE results; how GCSEs are just a part of what we offer; how varied the curriculum is; the Class Teacher system; life after Elmfield; recent Oxford & Cambridge success; the school bursary and discounts; and the variety of families we have from all different backgrounds.

Elmfield General Overview, Part 2 (8.08)

This video continues the more general overview of Elmfield. Topics covered include: the difference between our curriculum and the mainstream; our approach to testing and homework; our Class numbering system; the strength and importance of our parent community; academic life after Elmfield.

Class 1 (3.46)

(Year 2 in a mainstream school).

Class 3 (5.35)

(Year 4 in a mainstream school).

Class 5 (5.20)

(Year 6 in a mainstream school).

Language teaching (2.37)