Please note that this group is not operated by Elmfield School.


Are you a former pupil of Elmfield? Join the Elmfield Alumni Group

The Alumni Group is a great way to keep in touch with friends and the school through our Facebook group and our soon to be released website. We would love to see new school-leavers join the Alumni and to see it become a vibrant  community.

Our mission statement can be found on the website and will ensure anyone wishing to join of what we wish to achieve, how to get involved and how the Alumni can benefit you. Opportunities are always in the making and we encourage you to be creative and make the Alumni what you want it to be. 

Social Media

We have an Alumni Facebook group, which we encourage you to join. This is where most things are shared such as events at the school, biographies, photos - which always brings a flurry of interest. We also have a website which is in the process of being finalised. You will find useful and interesting things to help you in your career search. Speak to our committee who are here to help. We are a versatile group with multiple career paths and we will help suggest and advise, as best as we can 

We take your data seriously in line with the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), so the sites are secure and safe to roam. We do not allow anyone to join our sites other than new school leavers, ex-pupils, present and past teachers and staff. We verify identity first, which can sometimes cause a delay in acceptance, so please bar with us. 

The Alumni Group

Our alumni group now has over 550 members. The group, though independent to the school, maintains good contact about updates of events and any new developments. We will share resources, pass on job and work experience opportunities when availability comes to our notice. We will keep in touch with events at the school and assist with fundraising needs and events.

The Alumni Committee

We have two new committee members since last year, now totalling  13. Two members are teachers at the school and one who is a link to the PTFA. The rest of us are ex-students either in work or retired and we are all widely dispersed between Scotland and London. Everyone on the committee have a broad range of professional skills and experience of work with a wide range of personal interests. We do our best to  communicate within the group by Messenger and e-mail and keep abreast of ideas and decisions with a progress diary. 

The alumni group is there to connect with past students and teachers of the school and to share stories and achievements. We look forward to new members joining us to help achieve a vibrant Alumni community.

Feel free to join us on Facebook at Elmfield Alumni School Group 

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