Upper School Science event

Classes 9 to 11 had an amazing opportunity yesterday participating in an ‘Operating Theatre Live’ event in the school hall. The day was designed to support their Science GCSE programme.

Operating Theatre Live is a travelling school-based medical programme built and delivered by the UK’s leading anatomist and teacher, Samuel Piri. Sam and his team converted the school hall into a portable operating theatre, allowing our pupils to get hands-on with real anatomy in a clinical setting.

They explored the heart, brain and lungs, amongst other things. They were able to do actual dissections and learnt an incredible amount, really adding to their lab-based lessons.

The event was funded mainly by the Science Department and the PTFA. We would like to particularly extend our thanks to the PTFA for supporting this valuable event. We would also like to thank Mrs Williams and Miss King for their hard work organising and supervising the day.

The photos attached give you a sense of the day without, hopefully, being too gory!