Visit from Denmark!

Elmfield was honoured with a wonderful musical and movement programme by the entire Upper School from Vidar Skolen Denmark this Wednesday, 23rd March.

Sixty pupils from Classes 9 to 12 produced a programme of music, recitation and movement for pupils from Early Years right through to our Upper School.

The programme started with a eurythmy performance of Rumpelstiltskin.  Their Symphony orchestra performed a wide range of music from Stravinky’s Galop Suite to Larsson’s Disguised God to the James Bond Theme.  The afternoon ended with recitations from Dylan Thomas and Shakespeare.

We are so grateful that we could welcome this wonderful group of sixty students with their teachers.  Before they reached us for lunch on our lawn in the beautiful spring weather, the group had had to battle through major delays on the M25 which caused a fire on the coach which damaged some of their costumes.  After a restoring lunch on the lawn in beautiful spring weather, the students gave our entire school a splendid performance.

Some of our pupils from Classes Six and Two were inspired to draw their impressions of the afternoon.

Thank you Vidar Skolen!