Welcome to Elmfield Rudolf Steiner School

Independent Education for Children aged 3 to 17 Years   

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We are a community based school, we provide teaching that is based around your child's developmental needs

In today's rapidly changing and often confusing world, many people question how to help their children find their place and keep a sense of themselves and their values. 

At Elmfield we strive to be a haven from the chaos of the modern world whilst at the same time equipping our students to be the adults of the future. 

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Thinking of joining us?

This short visual overview is the perfect place to start, with an upbeat soundtrack performed by two of our talented musicians. Feel free to share it with your friends.  Our Life at Elmfield   page is your chance to get a real sense of the amazing education/experience we offer pupils at Elmfield.  You’ll hear from teachers and pupils and see just what it is that makes Elmfield unique.  Here you can find out about: The Lower School; The Upper School; Elmfield as a whole; Class 1; Class 3; Class 5; and how we teach languages. So sit back and enjoy! (For parent and pupil testimonials please visit our Testimonials Page)

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Current members of our community

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We are a "Good School"

“Spiritual, moral, social and cultural education is strong”

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Our Mission Statement

"Our task at Elmfield is to help the children to realise their own potential. Together we endeavour to provide education rooted in Rudolf Steiner’s view of the human being, thus preparing the children for their individual paths in life."

Steiner School is a collective mark (Regd. TM 3069952) of the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship.